Historical Map of Medieval Bosnia

Map author: Marko Vego, publisher: ‘Svjetlost’, Sarajevo, 1957; drawing and reproduction: Military Geographical Institute, Belgrade, 1957

Paper, full colour print; 99,2 × 118 cm; scale: undetermined; title in cartouche: ‘HISTORIJSKA KARTA / SREDNJOVJEKOVNE BOSANSKE DRŽAVE’; below title: ‘SASTAVIO PROF. MARKO VEGO’; l. r.: publisher information: ‘Izdanje izdavačkog preduzeća „SVJETLOST“ Sarajevo 1957 g.’, l. l.: ‘Iscrtano i reproduktovano u Geografskom Institutu JNA’

Donated in 1996


A historical map of medieval Bosnia printed on two sheets, with marked state borders from the 12th to the late 19th century: ‘Bosnia in the 10th Century’, ‘The Bosnian State at the Time of Ban Kulin 1180–1204’, ‘The Bosnian State at the Time of King Tvrtko 1353–1391’, ‘Borders of the Bosnian State in the 15th Century’, and ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Second Half of the 19th Century’. ‘Trade and Post Routes’ and ‘Temporary Possession’ are also marked. In addition to the administrative-territorial organisation, the map contains other historical data: names of provinces, parishes, and tribes; coats of arms of medieval lands and noble families (Šubić, Babonić Blagajski, Vukčić-Hrvatinić, Iločki, Kotromanić, Dinjičić, Sanković, Kosača); data on events such as ‘The Crowning of Tvrtko I in 1377’, stated to have taken place near Prijepolje, and the ‘First Bos. Fleet of King Tvrtko in 1383’. Along with the primary task of making topographic maps, the Military Geographical Institute printed and reproduced various topical maps.

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