Map of the Military-Administrative Division of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes

Military Geographical Institute (?), Belgrade, 1922

Paper, full colour print, manuscript; 95,5 × 116 cm; scale: undefined; map key along left edge

Purchased in 1958


Map of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes depicting the military-administrative division into 33 districts. ‘Demarcation lines’, ‘divisional districts’, and ‘regimental districts’ are marked on the map. Certain banate (banovina) names from the time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia were later added by hand. Following the regulation of King Alexander Karađorđević of 26 June 1922 on the division of the country into districts, Croatian territory was divided into the following six districts: Srijem (Vukovar), Osijek (Osijek), Zagreb (Zagreb), Littoral-Krajina (Karlovac), Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik), and Split (Split). The Međimurje area, with its Croatian population, was annexed to the Maribor District (Slovenia), the Bay of Kotor to the Zeta District (Montenegro), and the island of Krk, formerly an administrative part of Istria, to the Split District.

Sources / literature: Boban: 1992, pp. 23–24
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