Military Road Map with an Overview of the Organisational Transport Units of the Austro-Hungarian and German Armies

Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute (?), Vienna, 1916

Paper, full colour print; 115 × 100 cm; scale: undefined; u. l.: ‘K.u.k. zentraltransportleitung’; upper middle: ‘Bezeiche der anschliessenden deutschen Linien-Komandanturen’, u. r. ‘Aufgelegt Anfang Mai 1916.’; l. l.: map key

Donated in 1982


This large, glued military road map used by the ‘Central Transport Command’ of the Austro-Hungarian armed forces presents an overview of the communications (road and railway network) from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to southern Germany. Also marked on the map are the borders of the organisational units of the German army in the mentioned area. Along the upper and lower right corners of the map are smaller communication plans of the following settlements: Budapest, Vienna (‘Wien’), Kraków (‘Krakau’), Olomouc (‘Olmütz’), Prague (‘Prag’), Lviv (‘Lemberg’), Brno (‘Brünn’), Salzburg, Zagreb, Trieste (‘Triest’), Sopron, Szeged, Bratislava (‘Poszony’), and Gyékényes.

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