Relief Map of Mount Triglav

Drawing author: Colonel Weiss; production: Engineer A. Moering, Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institut, Vienna, from 1850 to 1900

Paper on canvas, full colour lithography; 23 × 33 cm; scale: 1:28,800; title: ‘TERGLOU’; upper middle and u. r.: ‘33’, ‘34’; below frame: ‘Nach der Original_Zeichenung des Obersten Weiss im k.k.Gen. Stabe’, ‘Gedr. i.d.l.l.Hof. u. Staatsdruckerei.’, ‘Ausgeführt auf Stein u. in Kreide von A. Moering, k.k.Minist Ingenisur.’; on reverse of map: ‘Terglou / Hypsometrisch und schraffirt’

Inherited from the War Archive and Museum of the ISC


Relief map depicting the landforms of a part of Mount Triglav. The relief on one map is depicted using the hatching method, i.e. by drawing lines to depict slopes, while relief forms on the other map are depicted using a hypsometric colour scale. The map was made according to the original drawings of Austro-Hungarian army colonel Weiss.

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