Special Map Volume of the Southern Territory of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute, Vienna, 1878

Container: cardboard, glued; maps, paper, full colour lithography; 51 × 44,7 cm; scale: 1:300,000; l. l.: ‘Schnellprefsendruck.’, ‘(Preis. 60 kr.)’; l. r.: ‘Provisorische Ausgabe.’; u. r.: sheet names and nomenclature: ‘J.10. [Glina]’, ‘K.11. [Bosna Serai (Mostar)]’, ‘J.11. [Spalato (Knin)]’, ‘L.10. [Belgrad (Semlin)]’, ‘L.11. [Užice]’, ‘M.11. [Kruševac (Kragujevac)]’, ‘L.12. [Scutari]’

Purchased in 1993


This volume contains seven sheets of a special (topographic) map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy depicting its southern territory, with the border marked at: Glina, Mostar, Split, Beograd, Užice, Kruševac, and Shkodër. The topographic map sheet of Tuzla is fragmentary. The maps were made during the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, i.e. during the third, or Franz-Josephinian, topographic survey, and contain a wealth of toponyms and inscribed river, road, and railway networks.

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