Plan of Doberdò

Plan author: First Lieutenant Miorini, 1 October 1915; Imperial and Royal 5th War Mapping Department, publisher: Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute, Vienna, 1915

Paper, coloured print; 45.8 x 42.1 cm; scale: 1:25,000; title above frame: ‘Plan von Doberdo’; u. l.: written by hand in red pencil above printed title: ‘Stellungen des K.u.K. vii.Korps – Herbst’; written in pencil below: ‘unterstands = Kavernen (Höhlen)’; l. r.: information on plan author and year of production; l. l.: information on the War Mapping Department of the Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute

Purchased in 1958


Map of the Italian Front on the Isonzo river around the village of Doberdò during the autumn of 1915, depicting the defensive positions of Major General Erwin Zeidler, the V Isonzo Army under the command of General Svetozar Borojević, and the VII Corps of Grand Duke Josef Ferdinand. Austro-Hungarian units held the plateau of Doberdò from October to December 1915 and in March 1916, but Italian forces made a breakthrough along the front in August 1916, capturing the plateau and the town of Gorizia.

Sources / literature: Marjanić: 2015, p. 63
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