‘Čepin–Osijek–Villany’ Sheet of the Special Map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

Made by: Kohaut; shading: Lieutenant Sied, publisher: Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute, Vienna, 1892

Paper, full colour print; 86,7 × 62 cm; scale: 1:75,000; sheet name and nomenclature above map frame: ‘SPECIALKARTE ZUR GENERALS REISE 1892 / Beilage 1’; l. l.: information about map production: ‘Schrift.u Gerippe v. Kohaut’; below frame: ‘K.u.k. militär-geographisches Institut. / Vervielfältigung vorbehalten.’ with year of map supplementation: ‘Nachträge 1891.’; l. r.: information on map shading: ‘Terrainschraffirung v. Lieut. Sied’

Found in the Museum


The special map sheet ‘Čepin-Osijek-Villany’ was made by joining together sheets of the special (topographic) map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy ‘Spezialkarte der Öesterreichisch-Ungarischen Monarchie’, from the sections ‘Mohač–Villany’ (‘Mohacs und Villany’; 5661) and ‘Osijek–Darda–Valpovo’ (‘Esseg Darda und Valpovo’; 5761) from 1882, including a supplement conducted in 1891.

Izvori / literatura: first publication
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