Road Map of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

Publisher: Royal Automobile Club of Yugoslavia; reproduction: Military Geographical Institute, Belgrade, 1939

Paper, full colour print; 63 × 83 cm; scale: 1:100,000; u. r.: title: ‘KARTA / AUTOMOBILSKIH / PUTEVA / KRALJEVINE JUGOSLAVIJE’, map scale, publisher data, and map key; above map frame: ‘IZDANJE KRALJEVSKOG AUTOMOBILSKOG KLUBA JUGOSLAVIJE’; below map frame: ‘EDITION DU ROYAL AUTOMOBILE-CLUB DE YOUGOSLAVIE’

Found in the Museum


Road map of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia with a detailed depiction of the road network and marked ‘main traffic routes’, ‘main routes’, ‘secondary routes’, ‘border customs offices’, and ‘routes under construction or difficult routes’ plus kilometre distance markings. A smaller cartographical depiction in the map’s lower right corner shows the continuation of the road network from Skopje to Thessalonica.

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