Sections of a Special Map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute, Vienna, from 1879 to 1918

Paper, print; 54 × 42,8 cm; scale: 1:75,000; each map contains sheet name and nomenclature; individual sheets contain map keys

Donated in 2007

HPM-83733 – HPM-83752

Twenty sections of a special (topographic) map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy ‘Spezialkarte der Osterreichisch-Ungarischen Monarchie’ depicting the area of Galicia and Bukovina, where the 25th Zagreb and 26th Karlovac Home Guard regiments were deployed during World War I. The maps were formerly the property of Home Guard officer Ivan Henneberg, a participant of World War I.

Area of Galicia:

  1. BUSK and KRASNE, zone 6, col. XXXI, section 4,073 – basic plan by: J. Fitz, Officer G. Zintl, First Lieutenant Storch, and F. Steiner, partially corrected until 8 July 1911 (HPM-83735)
Sources / literature: Dadoh zlato za željezo: Prvi svjetski rat u zbirkama Hrvatskog povijesnog muzeja: 2011, pp. 284–286
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