Sketches of Five Plans of Battles on the Territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878

Imperial and Royal Military Geographical Institute, Vienna, 1878

Paper, print; 55,5 × 61,8 cm; scale: various types of scales; plan titles: ‘Gefecht bei Ćitluk.’; ‘Gefechtsfeld von Cernici u. Kremenac. / (Pjezevac)’; ‘Skizze von Stolac’; ‘Gefecht bei Livno.’; u. r.: label: ‘Tafel VII.’; l. l.: note: ‘Die Occupation Bosniens u. der Herzegovina’; in centre of plan: map of Vrgorac and key with military abbreviations

Inherited from the Archaeology and History Department of the National Museum in Zagreb


Plan sketches depicting five battles near Čitluk, Kremenac, Stolac, Vrgorac, and Livno, also showing the deployments of Austro-Hungarian army and rebel units during the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the summer and autumn of 1878.

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